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Saturday, January 17th 2015

4:48 PM

My Other Blogs

Thanks for finding this obscure little blog. Creativity is so important, I encourage everyone to keep developing it. It's part of the five core leadership strengths that include:


Much of my work is devoted to that.

I do not post on this blog very often. Most of my writing can be found on these other blogs:

High Performance Leadership:

Centered Problem Solving:

Other Occassional Musings:

Thank you very much!

Douglas Brent Smith

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Tuesday, March 17th 2009

2:05 PM

The Front Range Leadership Vision

What is your organization's vision?  All of your strategic direction and clarity begins with an inspiring, articulate vision. It should be something worth striving for and something that prods you on even when times are difficult. Your vision should prevent you from wandering into endless distraction. It should focus and energize everyone who comes into contact with it.

High Performance Leadership is the official blog of Front Range Leadership, a metro Denver area leadership development company. Our vision:

Developing centered leadership with courage, creativity, compassion, and clarity.

From time to time I'll be writing more about that and what it means, not only to FRL but also to you as a leader. What does it mean, and what does it take to develop courage, creativity, compassion and clarity. Why are they so important to high performance leadership? And what exactly is centered leadership?

Stay tuned and drop by for the conversation. 
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